Daniel Moore- Grammy Nominated Singer/Producer – Sun., July 18, 2010

Daniel Moore, singer/song-writer/producer, is quickly becoming a musical staple and an indisputable genius in the world of R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Gospel music. With a heightened ear for sound, virtually since birth, Moore’s enhanced sixth sense of melody, harmony and blend help him create vibrant, colorful music teeming with life, ambition, and potent emotion. Graduating from the Duke Ellington School of the Arts where he was named double gold winner of the NAACP ACT–SO competition in 1999 for vocal contemporary and instrumental contemporary, Moore furthered his musical education by attending the Hartt School of Music to study with legendary jazz saxophonist Jackie McLean. Often compared to one of his biggest inspirations and musical phenomenon, Stevie Wonder, Moore had a voracious appetite for many different kinds of music, and refuses to confine himself to any one sound or style. Moore consistently takes his artistic complexities, intricacies of melodic and harmonic manipulation, and consommé of influences to forge it all into his own personal form of expression.
As a musician/singer, Moore has shared the stage with world renowned artists such as Silk, Ann Nesby, Mike Phillips, KC & JoJo, Sleepy Brown, Jill Scott, Bilal, Rahsaan Patterson, Brick, Vesta Williams, Paris Bennett from American Idol, Richard Smallwood, Ted and Sheri, Trinity 3:57, and currently reigns as musical director for Broadways “Original Dreamgirl,” Jennifer Holliday, just to name a few. His range helps account for his broad-based appeal, but so does his unique, elastic voice, his peerless melodic facility, his gift for complex arrangements, and his taste for lovely, often sentimental ballads. Moore’s stage performance has gained notoriety on a national scale as he has not only mastered the use of his voice to deliver captivating crooning but a plethora of other instruments employing a kaleidoscope of contrasting textures and voices that make him a virtual one-man band, all the while evoking a surprisingly organic warmth.
When:          Sunday, July 18, 2010 – 6:30pm & 8:30pm

Where:       Sambuca Jazz Cafe

3102 Piedmont Road

Atlanta, GA

Tickets:      $15 – Purchase Now

For more information, visit http://www.sambucarestaurant.com/ or  http://iamdanielmoore.com/09/

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